AC Lockyer

AC Lockyer is a third-generation service business entrepreneur who has been called the father and founder of the industry known as softwashing.

In 1991 he started a company named Mallard Systems which grew to $4.8 million in revenue with three branches, supporting 36 trucks. In 2010 AC started Softwash Systems, a soft washing supply company specializing in equipment, chemicals, education, and support for soft washing businesses. Softwash Systems has grown to exceed 220 in-network companies, operating in nine countries, and producing more than $100 million in soft washing revenue each year.

He also has a passion for fishing. In 2006, when the turnkey Softwash Systems cleaning company was in the conceptual stage, AC decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional tournament fisherman. In their rookie year, he and his fishing partner, Thresher Klier, won the Redfish Tour National Championship.

Today AC leads Droplet International, a business holdings company with brands in the US and abroad…Softwash Systems, Disruptor Manufacturing, Softwashology, Phantom Window Works, Stingray Hose Reels, and Volcan Pest Control.

He is a contributing author to the book W.O.W. Factor and has just released his latest book, 5 Keys To Pattern Success. Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified, he speaks at conferences around the world as well as mentoring business owners, growing micro-economies, and encouraging business development globally.