Generational wealth through family entrepreneurialism was the genesis and the spark to the flame that launched this amazing country 244 years ago. And AC Lockyer is on a mission to clean up America, literally. By empowering people with a clear path to achieving the American dream.

"The opportunity to own a business, buy a home, achieve financial independence with no limitations on what you can earn…THAT’S the American Dream I grew up with," says, AC Lockyer.

But for so many today, the path is no longer clear. The vision of the American Dream has become dirty!

Cleaning up America means helping people protect and maximize their most valuable wealth building asset…their home, while creating business ownership opportunities for entrepreneurially minded, hard-working Americans who enjoy serving others.

here are over 130 million homes in America and for most people their home represents not only their largest investment but also the most proven way to build wealth….IF they take care of it.

With the average price of a home now at $400,000, just a one percent increase in selling price at closing nets the seller an extra 4,000 dollars.

Research shows that if you softwash a house regularly while owning it… sanitizing it and killing all the organic material that eats the paint which hurts the curb appeal,,,, sellers stand to make upwards of 10 to 15% more at closing. That’s a $60 thousand dollar increase in price. 

Who wouldn’t spend $2K to make $60k?

Softwashing 175 homes, one per day, working only 9 months, 4 to 5 days a week, at an average price of $2K per home, averages $350K a year in revenue. A business owner operator takes home half of that, or an investor, 20% of that. Not to mention creating five additional jobs for your community and protecting the environment.

Now imagine, owning this business for as little as $70K? You would be able to pay this off your first year in business and enjoy a lifetime of financial freedom.

AC recently released his book, The Five Keys To Pattern Success, and shares his three decades of experience with people from all walks of life like...

young adults disillusioned by the fleeting assurances of a college degree or found themselves deeply in debt;
those headed for a corporate mid-life crisis, yearning for the entrepreneurial lifestyle;
retirees wanting to work outside and give back while adding to the nest egg;
or an investor looking for passive income to grow a portfolio.

AC can often be heard saying, "There are few things in life as rewarding as building personal wealth, while helping others do the same."

The mission is clear; clean up America, free the American worker and get back to the entrepreneurial powerhouse that made this country great! But we can't do it alone.


Are you ready to help me Clean up America?

  • - 220 in-network companies in 9 countries.
    - 100 million dollars in network revenues.
    - Over 1,000 jobs created
    - Generating 40 million dollars a year in payroll
    - Onboarding 70 new businesses each year.
    - In excess of 800 soft wash trucks launched since 2012